Get involved

At Smålands nation you’ll meet new people, have amazing experiences and have a great time doing it all. It’s a fantastic place where you can spend time and work in various positions.

Have you ever wanted to be the one standing behind the bar? Thought about putting together a theatre group, or serving fika? Are you interested in art? Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of working in a library. Smålands offers a ton of different positions – one of them could be just right for you.

”Ämbetsmän”, the Swedish word for people who hold the different offices at a nation, work together in their free time to make student life in Uppsala great.  The officeholders are a wonderful crew and with our trust they run the nation and uphold its traditions.

Don’t hesitate to talk to us if you’re considering getting involved. It doesn’t matter if you’ve held a position before or are completely new. We happily accept all questions and applications for all the offices.