Activities for new students

The nations are a must for anyone wanting to make the most of their time in Uppsala. At Smålands we arrange lots of activities that are especially for new students.

The people responsible for welcoming new students and making them feel at home at the nation are called the officers for new students (in Swedish, recentiorsförmän). They can answer all your questions about Uppsala and Smålands and help you settle in in town and at the nation. The officers also arrange activities every term where new students can meet each other and the other members of the nation. These activities include everything from pub crawls to sledding, fika and ping-pong tournaments – we make sure there’s something for everyone!

Reccegasque – a gasque for new students

The nations hold a dinner for all new students at the end of every registration period, called Reccegasque. In the spring term we invite Göteborgs and Gotlands to Smålands for a joint gasque, while the autumn Reccegasque is traditionally held by Göteborgs.

Old and new students come together at these gasques to eat, drink, sing and enjoy each others company. Dinner starts with a cocktail and mingling, followed by a three-course dinner, and finishes with dancing late into the night.

Reception for new students

The reception is an informal evening-long event to welcome all new students and introduce them to the nation. The event starts with presentations from the nation’s many subcommittes together with groups from outside the nation, such as the student unions and the student gym, Campus 1477. You can talk to representatives of the subcomittees and groups at the reception to learn about what they are up to and get to know the nation better.

Following the reception, everyone sits down to an informal two-course dinner planned and prepared by the officers for new students.

The dinner wraps up with the excitement of the room lottery. If you’ve signed up to the lottery list you could win a contract for housing at Smålandsgården, right next door to the nation and Uppsala cathedral!