The Organisation


The Landskap is a meeting for all members of Smålands nation and the nation’s highest decision-making body. The main task of the landskap is to elect new officers of the nation, but it also gives participants insight into what the curators and board of directors have been doing recently during the period leading up to the meeting. The nation’s budget and other questions of importance, for example membership costs, must be approved by the landskap.

Landskap is held twice each term. The members of Smålands nation are called to the landskap via the nation’s publication, Rasken. Every member of the nation has the right to be present at the landskap and every member has a vote in elections.

If Smålands nation were a country, the landskap would be equivalent to the parliament. The landskap is headed by the chairperson, who is also the chairperson for the nation’s board of directors.

The nation’s board of directors

The board of directors ensure that the nation’s activities are practised in accordance with the nation’s regulations or bylaws, and according to the decisions made by the landskap. They also see to the financial administration of the nation, prepare questions to be raised before the landskap and sometimes hire extra staff.

The board of directors is made up of students who have been active at Smålands for a longer period of time and who have a good understanding of how the nation works. The board is made up of chairperson, the curators, treasurer and seven commissioners, who are chosen at the landskap. Certain officers have the right to be present and speak to the board but cannot vote, such as the Inspector, auditor and editors.

Members of Smålands are free to give suggestions to the board if they think there’s something that should be discussed. The best way to do this is in writing to the chairperson of the board.


The Curators

The curators’ group consists of the first, second and third curators. The First Curator is the nation’s face outwards. She or he has many different tasks, among them representing the nation at events and functions, holding speeches at gasques and speaking on behalf of the nation to the joint committee for nations. The First Curator is also in contact with all the officers of the nation and makes sure that they are satisfied. Another big part of the job is the work done with Småland’s bursaries.

The Second Curator is responsible for the nation’s finances and for negotiating contracts; they also work with the property itself. If something breaks, the Second Curator is the one to ring somebody to come and fix it, unless they are handy and can do it themselves.

The Third Curator is responsible for the ongoing activities of the nation. He or she makes sure that Pub Hyttan is run properly, organizes the nations smaller parties, is the contact person for the nations rentals and is also the toastmaster at all gasques. The Third Curator is over the head chef and head bartender, who in turn are responsible for the club workers, fredagslyx workers and fika hosts. The Third Curator also makes sure that the nation is kept neat and clean.


During the 17th century the university was fairly sceptical about the nations and students’ boisterous goings-on. To gain more control over the nations, the university legitimized them by establishing the position of Inspector – a professor who among other things acted as a link between the university’s leaders and the nations.

The role of Inspector is alive and well today. The Inspector actually has relatively few responsibilities according to the nation’s bylaws, but in practise she or he is involved in most of the bigger questions that the nation faces. The Inspector promotes the nation’s best interests, while seeing to it that no decisions are taken which would be against the law, university rules or the nation’s own bylaws.