The Nation

Founded in 1645,  Smålands is a student organization in Uppsala. The nation has approximately 1500 members, of these about 80 are active as officers. The purpose of the nation is academic-social, which distinguishes it from, for example, a student union. About ten different organizations are housed within Smålands, such as choirs and sports clubs. We also have a large restaurant operation, where volunteer students work in the pub, at Saturday fika and our club. From 10 am every week day we  offer study space in our library.

One of Smålands trademarks is the established live music scene, encompassing among other things the club GLHF which presents a big live act about once a month. Silvana Imam, Stor, Linda Pira and Abidaz are some of the most recent guests.

All of this is run by students, for students.