Smålands nation’s housing is maintained by an intdependent housing committe, Stiftelsen Smålandsgården (Smålandsgården Housing Committee). All of Smålands housing is centrally located next door to the nation and near the cathedral.

The residences consist of 47 furnished student rooms (every room has its own bathroom), located in six corridors. There are also six one-room apartments with kitchenette, five furnished two-room apartments and 12 unfurnished family apartments with three or more rooms each.

The rent for a student room of approximately 20 m2 located on a corridor is presently (2017) about 3200 crowns per month with two non-paid months during the summer.

Application forms for all housing are available for download from the homepage and can also be picked up from the curators’ office. The form should be dropped off or sent to Stiftelsen Smålandsgården, S:t Larsgatan 5 (by the entrance), 753 11 Uppsala by 15 November to queue for the spring term, and 15 May to get on the queue list for fall term.

The queue list is ordered after the number of terms you have been a member of the nation. Those who have been active as officers receive extra points. Regardless of when one joins the queue, the number of terms studying and as a member of Smålands are taken into consideration.

Smålandsgården Housing Committee has its own homepage, where the committee post most resent information about housing and information to tenants at Smålandsgården.


Smålandsgården is managed by Stiftelsen Norrlandsgårdarna.


E-mail: info@studentvagen.se

Phone: 018-51 85 10

Our office is located on Studentvägen 25 and our opening hours are:

Monday 08.00-11.00

Tuesday 13.00-16.00

Thursday 13.00-17.00

Friday 08.00-11.00

First weekday of every month we are open 08.00-11.00 & 13.00-16.00 regardless day.