A gasque is a dinner with plenty of singing, entertainment, speeches and laughter. Gasques usually consist of a three-course meal (balls often have four-course dinners), and are rather unique to Uppsala’s student nations. The dinners usually end with a “släpp”, a kind of dance with djs, but sometimes we arrange a ”sexa” instead – a more casual dinner right after the first one! Every gasque at Smålands has its own character and each one is worth experiencing.

Smålands’ gasques

  • Reccegasquen – New Students’ gasque
    A gasque that’s held at the start of every term. The gasque is aimed primarily at the town’s newcomer students, so that they get a chance to see what a gasque involves and get to know other new students, but even longer-term members of the nations are of course welcome. Jointly held together with Göteborgs nation, takes place at Smålands in spring term and at Göteborgs in the autumn. Dresscode: semiformal

    Damsupé – Ladies’ Supper
    A dinner held every term, by the gentlemen, for the ladies. The dinner is built around a theme that’s kept secret from the ladies. The theme gives the structure for the evening’s entertainment. Tradition states that the gentlemen shall offer dance as well as singing and sketches. A special feature of the Ladies’ Supper is that all the guests wear some form of headwear. The Damsupé is a favourite of many, both as a guest and to work at. Dresscode: Semiformal with hat.

    Herrmiddagen – Gentlemens’ Dinner
    A dinner held every term, by the ladies, for the gentlemen. Just like the Ladies’ Supper, the Gentlemens’ Dinner is built around a secret theme with sketches, singing and dancing as highlights of the entertainment. The fall menu is traditional and consists of a dish of pickled herring, pea soup, and pancakes. Dresscode: Semiformal.

    Majmiddagen – May Dinner
    The celebration of May Dinner on the first of May is an older student tradition than Valborg.  May Dinner at Smålands always consists of the same menu. Nettle soup is followed by salmon, the main course is lamb, with strawberries for dessert. After the meal comes pair dancing and finally we sit down for an informal meal in the middle of the warm May night. Dresscode: Formal, with student hat.

  • Vårbalen – Spring Ball
    A Spring ball is held in the middle of May at all of Uppsalas nations. As the name suggests, the Spring ball is one big celebration of spring, with entertainment, food and drink in abundance. Everyone who’s been to a Spring ball knows the explosion of joy and spring feelings it brings and the celebrations around town don’t end until well into Sunday afternoon. Dresscode: Formal.

    Kräftskivan – Crayfish Party
    Every autumn kicks off with a crayfish party – Smålands most informal but enormously enjoyable dinner. Before the västerbotten cheese quiche and crayfish are served, you can craft your own crayfish hat out of paper (a Swedish tradition). According to tradition, the crayfish should be honoured during the dinner with a speech in its honour. Dresscode: Festive attire.

    Höstfesten – Autumn Dinner
    The Autumn dinner is put on by Smålands Friendship society, a cross-generational dinner where members of Smålands from many generations meet and have a lovely evening together.  The evening traditionally ends with an informal seated dinner late into the night. Cozy! Dresscode: Semiformal.

    Maskeradbalen – Masquerade Ball
    The Masquerade Ball is a new tradition, only a few years old, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to put on your formal wear and fix a venetian-style mask, before sitting down to a well-planned four-course dinner with formal pair dance. The ball is very popular, so make sure to get your ticked on time! Dresscode: Formal attire with mask.

    Luccegasquen – Lucia gasque
    A dinner with Christmas feeling.  Welcome to a big Christmas buffet with all the traditional delecacies of a real Swedish Christmas.  We are usually treated to a visit from both Lucia herself and Old St Nick! Dresscode: Semiformal.